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Groundswell Masterminds

A Masterclass by Ange Wallace
Tuesday 28th July 2020 3:00pm - 4:00pm NZDT
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How diving deep and getting uncomfortable will transform your business (like it did mine).
What's it all about?
Join me on an adventure designed to help you understand why and how to introduce client feedback into your B2B business.
Ultimately our clients want to get to The Guts of their clients’ experience so they can make improvements.
Getting to ‘The Guts’ requires three important steps first, which I will cover in this session:
1. Evidence – talking to your clients and capturing exactly what they say
2. Empathy – summarising the conversations and sharing them with your team
3. Insights – analysing the feedback into themes
It’s only then that we get to The Guts:
4. The Guts – what are the insights telling us? What can we do with them?
During this session I will also:
- answer your curly questions, address objections about feedback and provide examples of specific situations
- share our framework for in-house feedback with a workbook to takeaway
- demonstrate how I call clients for feedback (live if timing suits!)
- share how feedback I received transformed my business and set us on the path of massive growth
This masterclass is designed for:
- B2B businesses who have in-depth, ongoing and/or high value relationships with their clients
- GM’s and CEO’s and Business owners of all sized companies
- Marketing managers
- Business consultants, sole traders
Ange Wallace - Director, What Lies Beneath, Client Feedback – With Depth
"17 years in the export arena and a frustration with how few companies were able to access client feedback with depth. This led me to create What Lies Beneath which allows me to live my life the way I choose, while providing impeccable service and value to our clients."
How diving deep and getting uncomfortable will transform your business (like it did mine).   What's it all... more
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Groundswell Masterminds Session $41.46 +GST
(No Longer Available)

Available 15 Jun 2020 - 28 Jul 2020

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