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Xero users group

Welcome and join in!
The chances are you are looking at this page and wonder if this is the right group for you. Here is a little more about this users group and the Xero experts who are part of it. Hope this will help. And do reach out to the organisers anytime!

What is Xero?
Xero is online accounting software. It is available anywhere you are, including your phone! Xero provides great reporting so businesses always know how they are performing.
The starting point: the live feeds of your bank transactions that it provides.
The next level is: getting your invoices out and tracking what you owe.
You can also use it to track time and costs on projects.

Why use Xero?
What are the benefits to you? It’s a huge time saver for small businesses: it minimizes data entry and means you save costs by doing tasks that were previously just for accountants. You can track your bottom line results on a daily basis and plan your cash flow from the 'dashboard' of key indicators. Xero connects to over 500 apps to help you spend less time working on the books and more time growing your business. Xero will help to speed up your invoicing process, can track your time and cost on projects and can help you get paid faster.

Why a Xero users group meetup?
Like any software Xero is only as good as the person using it. While the platform provides massive amounts of onboarding and learning materials online there is still nothing like talking to a local expert or swapping notes sitting next to a business owner you know.
Meetups are casual, free and an informal way to meet others also working to grow their business and using Xero.

Who is the Xero users group for?
Any small business owner or startup founder who wants to make better use of Xero functionality. This meetup works like a workshop and allows you to be hands on so bring your laptop!

What level is the meetup for?
You have just started using Xero or you are considering starting and want to make an informed decision.

So ready to join in? We meet monthly, at Basestation on the last Tuesday of the month at 9:30am.

Meet the Experts

Tom Beswick is a Chartered Accountant and a Director at Ingham Mora, a locally owned accounting practice in Tauranga.

Tom uses Xero extensively with his clients and enjoys helping his clients to gain efficiencies in their business through improving client’s knowledge of Xero and related Apps.



Welcome and join in! The chances are you are looking at this page and wonder if this is the right group for you. Here is a... more

Parking in carpark building on Durham Street or Elizabeth Street - $2/hr on street

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